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Superpower Your Gmail With Mixmax

By Henry

There’s a new Chrome extension for Gmail which greatly improves the functionality of the popular email platform.

According to Mixmax, it will give your Gmail superpowers. No, it won’t make your Gmail fly or give it X-ray vision. But it will improve the tools available to you for sending email and organizing meetings. Continue reading >>

UK MP Introduces Bill to Ban Email Disclaimers

By Henry

An MP in the United Kingdom introduced a bill this week to ban email disclaimers. More specifically, the often lengthy legal disclaimer at the bottom of your email.

Sir Alan Duncan described email disclaimers as “meaningless missives” involving “forests’ value of paper” when emails are printed out. Continue reading >>

Take The Pain Out of Outlook Search With Lookeen

By Guest

Despite the multitude of communication channels available to us these days, in the business world at least, email remains king. Outlook in particular is used by millions of professionals around the world for day to day communications, and is one of the most comprehensive email services available. Continue reading >>

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