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How To Add an Email Signature in Lotus Notes 8.5

By Rob

One of the top 5 “How to … on Lotus Notes” searches on Google is “How to add an email signature in Lotus Notes”. However, if you click “search”, the majority of the results are out-dated and not of much use. So here is a step-by-step tutorial to add that individual signature you’ve always wanted for your personal emails in Lotus Notes 8.5: Continue reading >>

How to create the perfect email signature

By Henry

Whether you’re a business or an individual, the benefits of a great email signature should not be ignored. A well designed email signature has the ability to drive huge traffic to your website but also increase your personal or company brand awareness.

I like to look at the email signature as similar to a business card. A lot of time goes into the design of a business card, to ensure it stands out but remains professional. The same process should be used when creating an email signature. Continue reading >>

Plausible deniability? No longer an option with email.

By Guest

Banks, debt collection companies, and law firms take note; plausible deniability is no longer a valid argument with the latest generation of email services.

Nowadays email can and does come with guarantees. Whilst you can’t guarantee that an email will be opened, you can most certainly detect whether or not it has been, without the need for the often fallible ‘read receipts’.

The ‘honest guv, I never saw it’ argument simply no longer holds water. Continue reading >>

The E-World Monthly Newsletter

By Henry

Over the last week, the Everything-email site has undergone some minor design changes. We now have a fully responsive design, giving you the ability to easily read the blog on any device. We do apologise for the lack of posts during this time. Now that everything is finished we have a number of great articles in the pipeline and we’re looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Continue reading >>

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