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How To Add an Email Signature in Lotus Notes 8.5

By Rob

One of the top 5 “How to … on Lotus Notes” searches on Google is “How to add an email signature in Lotus Notes”. However, if you click “search”, the majority of the results are out-dated and not of much use. So here is a step-by-step tutorial to add that individual signature you’ve always wanted for your personal emails in Lotus Notes 8.5: Continue reading >>

The Top 3 iOS 8 Email Changes

By Henry

The big tech news of today was from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The event included a number of great updates for the upcoming release of iOS 8, I have summarised the top 3 iOS 8 email changes below. Continue reading >>

Email Design – Stand out in the Inbox

By Henry

Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of promotion. There are 3 times as many email accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined! (Kiss metrics). Social media is a medium where a lot of content is ‘consumed’ but in terms of communication, email is on top. Because email is a trusted communication path it can be a very effective marketing avenue. Continue reading >>

IBM Connect 2014 Review

By Rob

Another year, another IBM Connect. Or indeed, another Lotusphere, as the majority of the Notes/Domino contingent still prefer to name it. The year 2014 will go down as a success in my books. I must admit that, as exhibitors, we did have our concerns leading up to this conference. We have heard so much talk of migration away from Lotus/IBM Notes over the past couple of years and of course we have seen the 10,000 strong IT crowd of Lotusphere reduce to a mixed crowd of a few thousand for IBM Connect – now a “Social Business” event. Despite this shift, IBM Connect 2014 proved its worth as a must-attend event this year to promote Crossware Mail Signature and we have already signed on for a booth in 2015. Here is a short overview of the conference a fortnight ago as seen through my eyes: Continue reading >>

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