How to Write Great Academic Emails

By Guest

Perfect academic emails require careful email etiquette that tends to repeatedly evade some students. Introductory lectures inevitably include a weary reminder from professors to ‘mind your mail manners’.  We’re a group of aspiring professionals, and we’ve obviously made it to … Continue reading

Email Infographic

By Henry

Our friends over at Move4ideas recently created this great infographic about email. More specifically, this email infographic focuses on how people work and how they treat their emails.

You Need an Exchange Email Signature

By Guest

An Exchange email signature is important for every organisation using the most widely used mail server. A lot of organisations have adopted Exchange because of the security level that Exchange Server provides to the organisation:

How to Control Office 365 Email Signatures

By Henry

Microsoft Office 365 is the cloud-based business software of choice for a lot of companies. But managing Office 365 email signatures is not an easy job, without the help of some third-party software.

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