How To Add an Email Signature in Lotus Notes 8.5

By Rob

One of the top 5 “How to … on Lotus Notes” searches on Google is “How to add an email signature in Lotus Notes”. However, if you click “search”, the majority of the results are out-dated and not of much use. So here is a step-by-step tutorial to add that individual signature you’ve always wanted for your personal emails in Lotus Notes 8.5:

First of all, Lotus Notes 8.5 now allows you to set up email signatures that are not just “Text-only”, but provides you with the flexibility to add graphics or any other Rich Text features to really spice things up – so let’s get to it.

1) Access your Preferences. This can be done via “File” or via “More” (pictured):

Access your Preferences

2) Select the “Signature” tab within Preferences:

Select the Signature Tab

3) Create your email signature using the Rich Text field manually or you may import it from other programs such as Microsoft Word or an HTML document. You can also insert graphics or attachments, but beware of this option as it will increase the size of your emails dramatically! Tip – Use tables with borders set to 0 to create that perfectly aligned multi-column signature:

Create your Email Signature

4) And that’s it! Now you can select “Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing emails” and whenever you create a new message your email signature will appear in the new message field. Or, you may decide you don’t want your signature automatically added, then whenever you do want it appended simply select “More” and “Insert Signature…” Easy!

Append your Signature

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial of creating an email signature in Lotus Notes 8.5. This is a great method for individuals out there wanting to spruce up their email signature with contact details, along with website and social media links. However, you obviously wouldn’t want every single employee across your company having to create their signature locally – and being able to tamper with it at any given moment. If you’re looking to set up email signatures for your company, check out our product “Crossware Mail Signature” at our website here for a company-wide solution.

We will be writing a “How to create a corporate signature using Crossware Mail Signature” in the near future. Keep an eye out! UPDATE: Read about creating a corporate signature on Lotus Notes here.

Remember – Don’t create an email signature that’s an entire paragraph in length! Stick to a few of the key signature rules we mentioned back in our article “Email Signatures – What Makes Them Ugly? What Makes Them Beautiful?

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  • Samuel

    how can i link the company logo in my email signature to the company website? kindly advise…

    • Crossware

      Hi Samuel,

      Depending on how you’re creating your signature, you should simply need to add a hyperlink to your logo graphic before pasting it into the signature field in Notes.

      E.g. Paste your logo into word, append a hyperlink onto the logo leading to your company website, then copy and paste your logo into the email signature rich text field in Lotus Notes.

      Hope this helps!

      • William

        The logo still does not have a live link when I open a new message. Not sure what the other options are to fix this.


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          how can i link the company logo in my email signature to the company website? kindly advise…

  • Steve Fleurant

    I don’t know if you can help me. I have a weird problem and cannot find a solution till now. Using this procedure I cannot change my signature, whatever I add, the old signature is still appearing. Anyone had encounter this problem already?

    • Crossware

      Hi Steve,

      What version of Lotus Notes are you running? After you change your signature and press “OK”, if you go back into your signature preferences does your new or old signature appear in the rich text field?

      Try unchecking “Automatically append a signature…” and clicking “OK”, and then create your new signature and click “OK” again. Then see if you can append your signature manually.

      Let us know how you get on.

      • Sean

        I use 8.5 and have this same issue. When I look at the signature in preferences it looks correct, but when I start a new message an old version still appears. Unchecking and retrying has no effect, even if Lotus Notes is restarted in between steps.

        • Sean

          I found it… I didn’t realize that Lotus Notes stores a separate signature for each type (plain text vs. rich text or html.)

          Scroll down and BAM, there it was.

          • Crossware

            Great to hear, Sean! Sounds like the same fix will solve Steve’s problem too, thanks for sharing :)

          • rudee

            Hi Sean,

            Can you tell me step by step how to fixed this problem. Our user found this problem also.
            Sometime it display the old signature sometime it display the new signature.


        • Rolando

          Sean, what was the location where you found these 2 files? I’m having the same issue.

  • Deb

    I used a table to create a signature, but when the email is received by outlook, the table lines show and I don’t like it. If I don’t use the table, I can’t get my graphics (logos) to appear. How can I create the signature with images but not in a table?

    • Crossware

      Hi Deb,

      Are you creating your table in Word and copying it into your Signature Preferences on Lotus Notes? If so, right click your table in Word and choose “Table Properties”, then “Border and Shading” and select your border setting to “none”. This will keep your table layout in place and remove any visible borders.

      Now rather than copying and pasting your signature from Word, save it as a document and in your Lotus Notes Signature Preferences you are able to “Import…” your signature file. Import your saved file and your signature should appear with the same design as you made in Word.

      If you have any trouble with these steps feel free to contact me and I’ll help get those images in place for you!


  • Valerie Gould

    My company just started using Lotus Notes and this was VERY helpful.

    Thank you so much!!

    • Rob

      Glad we could help, Valerie :)

  • Pat Geering

    Hi Rob. I’ve got the problem that I have several different Mail signatures that I need to attach to a mail, depending if the mail is business or privat. For both I have a working HTML Mail Signature file. However, selecting manually to insert another mail signature is cumbersome becuase you have to select the directory it’s stored, then you have to select the typ (in my case HTML) and then the file. So I would like to create two buttons in Notes that I can configure to either insert the business signature or the private. Any hints on how I could achieve that? I checked the customize new button thing, but I couldn’t find a function or a command that would insert an external file at the end of the document (not attach, but insert so it’s displayed as mail signature)

    • Rob

      Hi Pat,

      One of our developers has told me the command that should do exactly what you’re after… Create the customised button and enter the following code:

      @Command([FileImport];”HTML File”;”C:\\temp\\signature1.html”)

      Replace “C:\\…” with the location of your HTML signature… And then you can create multiple buttons linking to your multiple signatures.

      This should suit you as an individual. If you were trying to configure this across your whole organisation, however, I would suggest our product Crossware Mail Signature as a tool to centrally manage multiple signatures without having to modify your mail template.

      Let us know how you get on!

      • Pat Geering

        Hi Rob, thanks for your quick reply. I actually implemented your suggested approach just recently and it works as good as it goes for Lotus Notes. That is, it attaches the signatures as intended. However, I had to realize that Lotus’ interpretation of HTML differs somewhat to the ‘official’ interpretation. So anything that works fine for any browser such as Chrome or Firefox is displayed quite differently in Notes. Far away from wysiwyg! So after a lot of try and error I have now two HTML signature file which are more or less displayed in Notes as I would like them to be be shown…
        Again, thanks a lot for your help! :-)

        • Rob

          Hi Pat,

          Great, thanks for the feedback. You’re definitely right about the HTML hassles in Lotus Notes, a simple HTML signature can take hours to get perfectly right!

          Take a look at our Email Coding Limitations white paper if you want, it shows you exactly what code is supported or not across most email platforms – Email Coding Limitations

  • Nico

    I have created a new e-mail database and i want to use the signature the user has.
    For expemple if i send i e-mail from this database it should have my signature, but if a colleague is sending a e-mail from this database it should have his/her signature.
    Is there any way to do this?

    • Rob

      Hi Nico,

      As the Lotus Notes client only appends signatures locally, you would only be able to set up the one default email signature for the mail database.

      If you were looking to do anything more than local signatures for individual mail templates, I would suggest you look at our product Crossware Mail Signature – this would allow for your correct signatures when sending emails from databases as well mobile devices.

  • prajna

    My signature is lost every time the Lotus Notes is closed.
    When reopened, a signature by default is inserted but with irrelevant content!

    Kindly suggest how to save my signature PERMANENTLY / make it DEFAULT..

    Many thanks to all the answer(s).

    • Rob

      Hi Prajna,

      Are you on an 8.5 client with a Rich Text signature or an 8.0 or below client with an HTML file?

  • John

    Hi, Using Lotus Notes 8.5, can I create a Hotspot button with a function that sends a reply to the sender as well as that person’s manager, bearing in mind that the email will go to numerous people who will have different managers.

    • Rob

      Hi John,

      Try this formula for your hotspot button:

      Mgr := @DbLookup(“”;@Subset(@MailDbName;1):”names.nsf”;”($Users)”;From;”Manager”);
      @Command([ComposeWithReference]; “”; “Reply”; 0);
      @Command( [EditInsertText] ; Mgr)

      This will create a reply to the current email, and gets the manager of the Sender from the Person document in the Address Book.

      If the manager information isn’t stored in the domino address book, you’ll need to use a DBLookup formula to the database where the manager/employee data are stored.

  • Matt

    So I am having a bit of an issue which I am unable to overcome but given your helpfulness with prior posters, maybe I have found the right place. I have been using an HTML signature which includes badges for facebook, linkedin, and our company website. The images I am using reference specific images on our our company website and linkedin.

    When sending internally, the images appear and hyperlinks work perfectly. However, when sending to yahoo or gmail accounts, the pictures do not work. I have been avoiding using rich text as it requires users to download images in some instances. Is there some sort of workaround for this problem?

    Below is the coding I used for the images within the signatures (with links altered slightly for privacy):

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Matt

      here is the coding used:

      • Rob

        Hi Matt,

        Sorry, your code hasn’t come through for some reason. Email me at with the code and I’ll have a look.

        Off the top of me head I would be thinking that Yahoo and Gmail are simply set up to block images… Do the emails appear with a “display images” option in either client?

        A new feature coming to Crossware Mail Signature this month is the ability to insert in-line images into an email signature. This feature codes images into the email body so that recipients don’t have to download the image or pull it from a website, this pushes images through to most email clients perfectly to show perfectly without the recipient having to click anything.

        Flick me an email with the code anyway and I’ll get back to you!

  • Devin

    I am having an issue like Matt. I took an image with the twitter and linkedIn icons and added hotspots on them. internally within the lotus notes client they work perfectly but when sent out to gmail or hotmail, the image links don’t work and you have down load options. Can these be made to just show up under the rich and have the links work like they do in lotus notes on other email clients?

    • Rob

      Hi Devin,

      Internal emails are sent and received as the Rich Text that you have created the signature in. When emails are sent externally Lotus Notes actually does its own conversion to HTML at the server and then the recipient’s email client does its own conversion back into Rich Text – that’s where things can go wrong as Lotus Notes isn’t the best at converting/rendering HTML. As I mentioned, it depends on the recipient’s email client… Lotus Notes and Outlook are the two other major email clients and in general they are both pretty good at displaying rich text emails up front… Gmail being a webmail client seems to be very strict when it comes to images etc.

      Your best chance at keeping the design exactly the way you want it would be to create your signature in HTML, but then recipients will need to click “display images” to pull them through.

  • Pravin Paratkar

    Thank you for useful step by step tutorial.

    • Rob

      No worries, thank you!

  • Dan Tonheim

    I Lotus Notes 8.5 har jeg problemer med at signaturen kommer til høyre. Problemet starter allerede ved utarbeidelse av signaturen – feltet hvor jeg skal lime inn/skrive signaturen er fastlåst til høyre.

    • Rob

      Hi Dan,

      Can you send a screenshot of this problem to so I can have a better idea of what’s going wrong?



  • Evelyn


    I am hoping you will be able to help. I created a signature with text, a picture and a website in a word doc. I then converted the word doc to a web page and appended it to all emails in LN. I have LN 8.0.1. The problem is that although the signature looks fine in the word doc and the webpage, when it come in LN the lines are all double spaced and the graphic is blank with only a box outline. Any idea how to fix?

    Thank you,

    • Rob

      Hi Evelyn,

      It sounds like Lotus Notes is rendering your code in an odd way… If you want, email the html you’re using to and I’ll see if I can massage it to work a bit more smoothly with Notes.

      Otherwise, have a look at your Lotus Notes preferences, under ‘Basic Notes Client Configuration’ and ‘Additional Options’ check to see whether ‘Disable embedded browser for MIME email is ticked or not… this option makes Notes render HTML in two completely different ways.

  • Tracy Nicholson

    Hi There

    Am hoping this is an easy question. How can I add a formula to insert the date into my signature??


    • Rob

      Hi Tracy,

      You can create a “Computed Text” field in the rich text signature in the 8.5 client and use the date field “PostedDate” to pull through the date of the email when sent.



  • David H

    Release 8.5.1 FP2 SHF62
    I have icon to insert my contact info at the end of a message. I can’t see how to edit the info or add another. Is this feature gone? I too have multiple ending I would like to use.


    • Rob

      Hi David,

      At the top of your email there should be a menu with ‘Signature’ in it as a drop down… is this not there?


  • Travis Clemmons

    We have a case management program designed in Lotus 8.5. I am using a fujitsu T5010 with a wacom pen tablet. I am trying to get Lotus to reconize the pen so it can be used to capture signatures on the created forms. can this be done and how?

    • Rob

      Hi Travis,

      Sorry, I can’t say that I’ve had any experience with Lotus Notes on tablets. Definitely keep us updated if you do discover how to get Lotus Notes to recognise the pen as that could be a very cool feature to have in email sigantures!



  • madelyn Perkiss

    I have Lotus Notes 8.5 and I am trying to create a button in the toolbar that when selected it inserts a line of Text to my email. It’s the same line of text everytime.
    Thank you!

  • Rod

    I’m using a batch file to allow users to answers questions for what they want in their signature, then it creates the html file. Is there a command I can add in my batch file that will finish the setup process (i.e., turn on auto append signature, point the html file in the local directory)?

  • Victoria M

    Hi. I’m having a formatting issue with appending my signature to Lotus 8. I have saved my signature as an html. However, when I add it to Lotus, it is appearing as double-spaced. I went back to the original and reduced the spacing to “exactly .6 pt” to see if that would solve the problem, but no luck. Any thoughts?

    • Rob

      Hi Victoria,

      I suggest you try out this HTML Editor and play around with your code until it looks perfect.

      If you still have spacing issues, feel free to post your HTML here and I’ll have a quick look for you.



  • Sam

    Hi, I have the Lotus notes client 8.5.2 and the “Rich Text” option don’t exists!!

    What happened?

    • Rob

      Hi Sam,

      If you go to ‘Preferences’ and ‘Signature’ you should still have the option of Rich Text, HTML or Plain Text… if not, it could be that your IT Team have removed this feature from your Mail Template for some reason.


  • Val

    I have my signature line, but i want to readers of my emails to have the option to be directed to my linkedin profile. Please, how?

    • Rob

      Hi Val,

      Are you using rich text or HTML for your signature?

      In Rich Text I would suggest hyperlinking the text/image with your Linkedin profile URL in Word and then copy/paste it into your Notes’ signature preferences.

      Thanks, Rob.

  • ashlee ilg

    Thanks for your helpful tutorial. I’m trying to add a Facebook icon and link to our company’s FB Page in my Lotus Notes signature block and am hitting roadblocks. Would appreciate any helpful suggestions. Thanks again!

  • Samantha

    Hi Rob,

    I used to have the option to add a HTML signature to my emails, now when I go to the preferences -> signature tab, I can still select “html” but the “browse” for file section has disappeared. Any suggestions?


  • ktuytha

    I have issue with LN851 signature: after i copy text and social media icon to word then save as HTML file. then go to tools –> preference—>mail—-> signature—> html—>Brose and select my html file—> OK.
    New mail and check and see my footer mail text all are double space and social media icon is only one box blank that can not click to joint the link.

    Hope you can help me and thanks
    kruy tha

  • Merete

    Hi Rob. Thanks for the guide! I hope you are still following the comments, because I have a question that I hope you know the answer to.
    I created a signature in Indesign, it is a combination of picture, company logo and some black text on white canvas. As we are using the Rich Text format for signatures, I exported the InDesign document to Jpeg, opened it in word and attached a link to it. Seeing the signature in word, in looks perfect. Then I copied the whole ting to my signature, but when I see the signature at the bottom of my email, especially the black text on white background has gone very grainy and blurry. Pictures and logo still look fine and clear. Do you know any solution to this?

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  • Murali

    Hi Rob,
    I created hyperlink then copied to my signature(R8.5.2 RT field). Link works fine internal. But not working for external. Please help me.


  • Lucyna

    Please let me know how I can add a signature (logo, phone, work, etc.) automatically for all users? Ideally, the signature (non-font and colors) attached only to the out-bound mail How I do it?

    • Henry

      Hi Lucyna, Crossware Mail Signature will allow you to automatically include the signature for all users. Visit for a free trial.

  • shakil

    am using my lotus mail through the web and i want to add (JPEG) signature but i can,t.there is no option to brows my Signature(JPEG). can any body help me. while i am able to add Signature(jpeg) when i am using local machine..throug the web i can,t add.

  • ludi

    I have an issue where 1 user keeps loosing his signature. no matter what it is set to
    RTF or HTML, it intermittently after windows shutdown resets the signature to specific very old settings. It only happens when windows is shutdown or rebooted, but not always. We use notes 8.5.2 FP3
    we removed roaming on the account, but issue still persists
    Anyone has any pointers what else to look at?

  • Ray C

    I am having problem in Lotus Notes 8.5. An old signature keeps appearing when I email from a MS program or from the send to function when you right click on a document. I have tried most of the fixes mentioned above for other problems but I cannot seem to get rid of this old signature.

  • Ramesh

    Thanks very much

    • Henry

      Thanks Ramesh, glad we could help

  • chanthorn

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to ask you about my mail, I use note mail maybe two year ago and I received a lot of mail but now I don’t mail in my Inbox I saw on three month, what is problem and how can I restore other mail in my Inbox

    Thanks and regard

  • Swapy

    I am using Lotus notes 8.5.3
    How can I set up a collapsible signature (expand and collapse using create ->sections).
    I want to collapse my contact details in signature. is this possible? Can you help me?


  • consulting community

    Interesting post. cheers.

    • Henry

      Thanks guys

  • Tomek

    Hi There,
    I’m using Lotus 8.5.2. I have some problem with my signature below email.
    I would like to change some elements of my signature but I CAN NOT. If I delete some words (preferences/email/siganture), add new words, change font, etc. I still get the massage that I can only use plain text. Even If signature is deleted I get the same message and nothing changed. When I change signture to plain text message is the same.
    Anyone can help me?
    Thanks in advance


  • PeteE

    I’d like to use two signatures, one for messages sent to only internal recipients, and one for messages sent to external recipients. Further, I’d like to have Lotus Notes automagically select the appropriate signature.

    How can I do it?!


  • GreG

    Hello there !

    First, thanks for your article.
    I’m now far from “how to insert signature” as i have created a signature PHP program for my company that offers the possibility for all to create their signature with different banners.
    But now, i have strange issues.
    A file is downloaded automatically when creating the signature. Most of my colleague is on Lotus note 8.5.1. When they insert the file, the banner and the company’s logo do not displayed. And for some of them, font style or line height of the text displayed differently than designed in the html file.
    When i try the file on my Lotus (same version), the signature displayed correctly (images are loaded and text style is correct).

    I just can’t understand why a same file give different result !

    I hope you will be able to help me !
    Thanks in advance…



    I am using Lotus Notes 8.5. I can add a signature in text but cannot copy and paste a company logo into it.

  • Andre

    I am using Lotus Notes 8.5 E-Mail. I can add a signature in text but cannot copy and paste a company logo into it.

  • Debra Mull

    We are using Notes 8.5.3 FP6 on all of our clients…unfortunately the backend of Domino on our AS400 is still on 8.0.2. (unfortunately I’m not in charge and can’t update the backend). We can choose to insert a signature automatically from our clients and it works fine, but for the few users how choose to just “insert a signature” from their menu manually, (by unchecking “automatically”, the signature never shows up. Is this being caused by having the backend on a older version? And if so, why is this causing the problem? Is it because the backend and the frontend have different templates?

  • kate

    I am currently using Lotus Notes 8.5 and I wanted to add my signature, but when I click on new e-mail –> New preferences I see no tab saying “Signature”. The tab is missing.
    The rest of the tabs are all available just this signature tab is missing.

  • Angelique

    Hi, I am using LN 8.5 and I would like to add the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter buttons to my signature. Any idea how to do this?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Matt

    Is there a way to have signature images hosted externally so they load from the internet and NOT added as an attachment?

    Emails get forwarded around, each time a new signature gets added, and it doesn’t take long for an email to get 20 to 40 image attachments.

    • Henry

      Hi Matt, thanks for your comment. You might look at trying Crossware Mail Signature. You will then be able to control when the signature is appended and all imagery will be inline rather than as an attachment. Visit for a free trial.

  • Lydiana Desinor

    Need signature

    • Henry

      Hi Lydiana, how can we help?

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