How to Install Lotus Traveler on an iPhone

By Paul

Lotus Traveler is a great tool that allows you to access your Lotus Notes mail and calendar information on your mobile device. Many people don’t realise the power of Lotus Traveler, and even fewer know how to install it on an iPhone. So here’s a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to install this tool on your iPhone:


1) In the Safari browser on your iPhone, type in the following link with your company’s actual server name in place of “yourservername”.


Screenshot 1

2) Enter your Lotus Notes user name and password.

Screenshot 2

3) Click “Configure your Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch”.

Screenshot 3

4) Click “Generate” to create your Apple Profile.

Screenshot 4

5) The installation description will pop up, click “Install”.

Screenshot 5

6) A small confirmation will pop up, click “Install Now”.

Screenshot 6

7) Enter your Lotus Notes password and click “Next”.

Screenshot 7

8) A “Profile Installed” screen will appear and a reboot is suggested. Feel free to reboot your iPhone right away or later on.

Screenshot 8

9) Open your iPhone Mail application.

Screenshot 9

10) Select the “IBM Lotus Notes” Mailbox.

Screenshot 10

11) You will find your Lotus Notes inbox pulled into your iPhone via Lotus Traveler, including all of your existing folders too!

Screenshot 11

And it’s as easy as that! You can then use this inbox exactly the same as your normal mail, and it will replicate automatically so that your iPhone and desktop both stay up to date. Lotus Traveler will also merge your Lotus Notes Calendar with your iPhone Calendar, you are able to create and respond to meetings and events on the fly.

company email signatures

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