How to Install Lotus Traveler on an iPhone

By Paul

Lotus Traveler is a great tool that allows you to access your Lotus Notes mail and calendar information on your mobile device. Many people don’t realise the power of Lotus Traveler, and even fewer know how to install it on an iPhone. So here’s a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to install this tool on your iPhone:


1) In the Safari browser on your iPhone, type in the following link with your company’s actual server name in place of “yourservername”.


Screenshot 1

2) Enter your Lotus Notes user name and password.

Screenshot 2

3) Click “Configure your Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch”.

Screenshot 3

4) Click “Generate” to create your Apple Profile.

Screenshot 4

5) The installation description will pop up, click “Install”.

Screenshot 5

6) A small confirmation will pop up, click “Install Now”.

Screenshot 6

7) Enter your Lotus Notes password and click “Next”.

Screenshot 7

8) A “Profile Installed” screen will appear and a reboot is suggested. Feel free to reboot your iPhone right away or later on.

Screenshot 8

9) Open your iPhone Mail application.

Screenshot 9

10) Select the “IBM Lotus Notes” Mailbox.

Screenshot 10

11) You will find your Lotus Notes inbox pulled into your iPhone via Lotus Traveler, including all of your existing folders too!

Screenshot 11

And it’s as easy as that! You can then use this inbox exactly the same as your normal mail, and it will replicate automatically so that your iPhone and desktop both stay up to date. Lotus Traveler will also merge your Lotus Notes Calendar with your iPhone Calendar, you are able to create and respond to meetings and events on the fly.

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  • Frank Paolino

    I can’t tell you how many times I have looked for a complete reference to this. I have just purchased an iPad3 so I will use this guide to save me a lot of frustration. Thanks!

  • Karen Pearson

    Well done with ‘Everything Email’ guys. Really interesting, useful, easy-to-read content.

  • David Schaffer

    Thanks. Nice to have this neatly laid out for users who need a bit more than “Go to this url and follow the instructions”.

  • Margie

    Is there a quick way to access your folders when you are filing emails? On the Blackberry, you can type a few letters and it will take you to the area.

    • Rob

      If you are within an email, tap the folder icon (down the bottom, second from the left) and you will be able to move the email into any existing folders you have set up. Hope that helps!

  • Bong

    Is there any settings when you delete a specific email on your iphone but it will
    retain in the laptop client base install.

    • Rob

      Hi Bong,

      Traveler constantly syncs with your Notes client so that they remain identical. Unfortunately, if you delete an email from your iPhone, it will also be deleted from your desktop.



  • Bill

    I know it can be done because at one point I did it. I had to reinstall my iPhone and Traveler. Your steps above are great. However, I know that somewhere you can set the maximum number of emails to retain and other stuff like that, but I’ll be darned if I can find where I did this before. Can you point me in the right direction.

    • Rob

      Hi Bill,

      Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars… There under Mail you can choose how many messages to show. Also if you go into your traveler account under Accounts you can select how many mail days to sync.



  • Stuart

    We use iPhones and Traveler for our business, and we commonly receive many duplicates of sent emails. We think it’s because the user is emailing in a poor reception area and the phone/server thinks the email is not sent when it actually has been. We can often get 10-15 copies of the same mail. Please help, this is driving us insane…

    • Rob

      Hi Stuart,

      Are you seeing duplicate emails on your phone but only the one on the server? Or are multiple emails literally being sent from Traveler?

  • Kristin

    Hello! Is there a way to ensure that when I delete emails off my iPhone (using my Lotus Notes Traveler account), that it will automatically delete the emails from my desktop version of Lotus Notes?

    • Rob

      Hi Kristin!

      Your Traveler account should be syncing perfectly with your desktop version of Notes. When you delete an email from your iPhone on Traveler, it should also delete from you Desktop client when you replicate with your server.

      Is this not the case for you??

      • Kevin

        Mine does the same thing. Throws away delted messages immediately… any answer on this?

        • Rob

          Hi Kevin,

          On your iPhone/iPad go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Your Accounts -> Mail Folders to Push -> and select Trash. Then quit out of the Mail application.

          Now when you re-open your Mail, your trash folder should contain the same emails that sit on your Notes client.



  • Drew

    When I use Lotus Notes on ipad, and I remove (delete) an email message. It goes into the trashcan but then is automatically removed. Yet, when I go into Lotus notes on my desktop, its in the trash folder? How do I get it to STAY in the trash folder on both devices? In other words, how do I get it to STOP automatically deleting them on my ipad?

    • Rob

      Hi Drew,

      On your iPhone/iPad go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Your Accounts -> Mail Folders to Push -> and select Trash. Then quit out of the Mail application.

      Now when you re-open your Mail, your trash folder should contain the same emails that sit on your Notes client.



      • Jill

        I have been having issues with some of my users that their Sent folder is empty on their iPhones (iOS 7.0.3 and 7.0.4) also some users have only the email they send from the iPhone in the Sent box. I saw your suggestion about the trash above and tried that for both the Sent box and the Trash, we are also seeing that the trash immediately empties when to go to it on the iPhone. Do you have any suggestions for these issues? We are using Lotus Notes 8.5.3 various Fix packs. Thanks for your help.

  • Honey

    Dear Paul,

    I have a problem with the link can you pls mail me in pvt so i can explain.

    when i type /servlet/traveler in front of the link there is a error msg.

    Need your help

    • Rob

      Hi Honey,

      Your correct URL should be:

      Have you checked that your server name is correct?


  • jim

    I’m using an iPhone 5 (6.1.2) and Lotus Traveller 2.09. I can open encrypted mail but once I try to reply to or forward the opened message the program exits.

    Is this a bug with version 2.09 or IOS 6.1.2 ? I didn’t have a problem until I updated to IOS 6.1.2

    • Rob

      Hi Jim,

      Sorry, I don’t have encrypted emails to test this out on.

      I haven’t experienced any issues with Traveler crashing at all so perhaps it is an iOS bug – maybe try deleted your account and setting it up again?


  • Lyaz

    For Traveler in iPhone/iPad it seems that when deleting mails they go to trash but we go to trash they for 2 seconds then they disappear? but they still in Lotus Notes client. Is there a solution to keep them visible/available in the Trash while using iPhone/iPad Traveler ? without doing this “On your iPhone/iPad go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Your Accounts -> Mail Folders to Push -> and select Trash. Then quit out of the Mail application.

    Now when you re-open your Mail, your trash folder should contain the same emails that sit on your Notes client.”


    • Rob

      Hi Lyaz,

      I believe that is your only option to prevent your trash being emptied automatically.

      Traveler constantly syncs with your mailbox on the Domino server… if you don’t push your trash folder to Traveler then it must think that it’s empty as it can’t sync with the server.


  • Harry

    please advise how or which setting will make my computer mark email
    as read and not my iphone.
    Currently my iphone marks all my messages a read and my computer does not.
    I would like to make this the other way around.

    • Rob

      Hi Harry,

      Typically it should work both ways… if you read a message on your iPhone then it will appear as read on your computer, and if you read a message on your computer then it should appear as read on your iPhone.

      Is this not the case?

  • Farooq Hayder

    When i creat new contact in iphone 5 it does’t sync back to lotus client, but when i creat new contact in lotus notes client, it sync with iphone, any guidance to resolve this issue

    • Rob

      Hi Farooq,

      I believe that the Traveler contacts feature is only one-way. Your iPhone can pull through your company contacts but it can not push contacts back to your Notes address book.



  • mike

    How do I get my lotus notes v 8.5 to migrate my contacts to my new iphone4s

    • Rob

      Hi Mike,

      If you go to your contacts and then ‘groups’, you should be able to select where contacts are being pulled from. Your Notes’ contacts should be an option in there.



  • Oliver

    Hi all,
    When I read a message on my Ipad, then the same message not appears on my Laptop

    Please help

  • Nikki Malcom

    When I am sending an email from my iphone, the email does not show up in my sent email folder on my computer. Is there a setting I can change?

  • Bhairav

    I already have LOTUS mail using for my companies mail address in my laptop.
    now i want to configure my professional LOTUS email address on my iphone. please guide me link.

    i have goto
    but its shown me wrong website no url found.

    Does there any way to take correct website name from my LOTUS mail install in my laptop ?

  • Ron

    Can you help with an issue i have with restoring an iPhone4S backup to a iphone5. The backup was taken with the 4 with Traveler installed….and my corporate policy is to encrypt the backup. No clue what that backup password is as Traveler was setup a year ago. (Used in conjunction with Endpoint Manager). Restore of backup on i5 requires the password of course and I am dead.

    Thought is to remove MDM Endpoint Mgr and do a new unencrypted backup.?? Question is how to remove Traveler and MDM IBM Endpoint Mgr…..just push/hold icon and say X ?? On the Endpoint Mgr…there is an ‘Unenroll” option…..but I will want this back again on the new phone….so I dont want my id removed from any registry database.

    Thoughts to get around the restore of encrypted backup issue??

    • Craig

      We have users which uses both Outlook client (not exchange server) and Traveler for iPhones. When Outlook is closed on user desktop, the emails goes to iPhones and is checked by users on phones and when they get back to the office and open Outlook, the emails checked by the iPhones, will NOT be downloaded by Outlook client. Any ideas of change(s) I can make on either end to have the emails pushed to iPhone and Outlook no matter if Outlook is closed or open on the desktop. Really need to get this solved.

  • Paul

    I’m the Admin, if that makes a difference, and this is a new IBM Traveler installation.

    What I’m noticing, on my iPhone, is that I’m only seeing “InBox, Sent, and Trash” — not seeing any other folders. I’m able to send/receive email fine.

    Another user can see his OK.

    Q: Is there something I should look for?
    Note: In back of my mind I’m wondering if it has anything to do with my profile within iPhone showing an email address pointing to the traveler server — ie the “first email account” that’s created when building Traveler. This maybe unrelated, but thought I’d mention. My Corporate email address is working fine to/from iphone.


  • Jimmy

    I have the same problem as Stuart that the recipient received duplicated emails from the sender who sent from Traveler on iPhone5. There are also duplicated sent emails on the LN server.

  • Saurabh

    Hi All,

    I am configuring iphone lotus traveler, however its not able to resolve server name..
    Please let me know how to get over this one..

    • Lduarte

      Hello Mustafa,

      Also i have this problem too. Someone has already explained how to solve it?

      Best regards,

      • Nike

        Most probably your Traveler server is not accessible from internet. You can try My Notes for IBM Lotus Notes – it’s personal solution and doesn’t require server’s installation.

  • Mustafa

    Hii Rob hi everyone
    I have a problem i wrote my mailserver/servlet/traveler
    i reading his message in iphone 5 safari web browser
    Http Status Code: 404
    Reason File nor Dound or unable to read file

    Thank u dude

  • Anna

    Hello all, hoping you can help. Boss just picked up an iPhone 5S, coming from an 4S with Lotus notes (working fine). loaded account on the 5S, it worked for about 2 hours and then notified ‘Connection failed with server’. Now refuses to connect. Deleted the account and followed your instructions. The traveler version on the server is 8.5.2. Used safari to load the traveler, logged in, message ‘you are running an older version of the ios. if you proceed all contacts and calendar entries on phone will be deleted and you database will be loaded’! Aggh! I really don’t want to do that! Previous instructions I was given which worked every time (until now):
    On your iPhone go to settings , mail, contacts, calendar
    Choose add an account select MS exchange
    Put in your xxx email address
    Put in your password (**NOTE: This is your password NOT the one you use on your laptop/pc client)
    ***Note the description defaults to My Exchange, change it to Lotus Notes)
    Choose next
    Set server to
    Next verify, ***NOTE it will fail, that’s ok, hit save.
    Go back in settings, mail, account, advanced, Turn Off SSL.
    **NOTE:It is not always instant, may take up to 10 minute
    Note, tried connecting with wireless, cellular, same. No visible issues on server. I appreciate any tips. Thanks, Anna

  • Dee

    Is there any way to have the whole company directory show up in the phone without having to search individually?

  • Mar

    Should the “On your iPhone/iPad go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Your Accounts -> Mail Folders to Push -> and select Trash. Then quit out of the Mail application. Now when you re-open your Mail, your trash folder should contain the same emails that sit on your Notes client.” instructions still work with iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S? Because I only get up to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Your Accounts and I don’t see the “Mail Folders to Push” option. The only things I see are “mail/contacts/calendars/reminders (all which can be turned off or on) and a Mail Days to Sync option. (In my case, I would like to keep the trash in my trash bin until I manually empty it… it was like this before and then one day, it began to automatically empty itself and I hadn’t changed any setting!).


  • Marg Snow

    Have a couple of users whose calendar entries do not sync from their iphone to lotus notes. Calendar entries do sync ok from lotus notes to the iphone and email syncs correctly both ways. Any ideas??

  • darshan

    Hi, Can you please describe the step how to configure Domino server9.0 in order to connect with apple device with activesync.

  • darshan

    Hi, Can you please describe the step how to configure Domino server 9.0 in order to connect with apple device with activesync. I am getting an error of 400:

  • AshM

    Would having a large mail (15GB) file or a large doc count in a mail file Inbox (50k+)cause delays in delivery. I’m trying to find proof that this would be the cause of delivery issues to users devices running Traveler.

  • Pravin

    Lotus notes traveller does not show sent mail box now. I do not know why. Till last 20 days it was well working with all mail boxes like inbox, trash, sent mail and others. Since last 20 days sent box is missing for lotus traveller ib my both devices like Ipad and HTC android phone. can some body confirm is sent box be make visible ?

  • Christoper

    Hi this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  • Del

    I had traveler installed on my iPhone. We recently upgraded the server and now my iPhone does not get mail but my iPad still does. I uninstalled traveler from the iPhone and tried to reinstall and now get a message “502 bad gateway – response error, a bad response was received from another proxy server or the destination origin server.” my iPhone is on iOS 7.0.4 and iPad is 4.2.1. I upgraded the iOS several months before Lotus server update sand the iPhone worked until then.

  • harihar ramanathan

    Very clear directions. My issue is that ghee draft folder does not sync between the iPad and the desktop. Is there a solution.

  • AB


  • Roberto

    Hi guys.
    I’m accessing now to my lotus mail, on my Iphone, via an Exchange account (i.e., using the IMAP access to the mail). I’m considering to install the lotus traveller app, and I would like to know the pro and con of the app:
    – is the app hungry of resources (battery, memory,bandwidth….) or is it like the Exchange account?
    – The app is better only for the calendar access (I don’t use the lotus calendar) or is better also for the email usage?


  • amit

    Thanks a lot… struggling since morning , final got and fix up the things with your help.


    • Henry

      Glad we could help Amit

  • Natasha Aragon

    I would like to know if there is a way to delete my email that is pushed to my phone through Lotus Traveler on only my phone, but not my laptop? I read through the comments but only found a workaround, which was to create a new folder and move the mail there. I would like to know if there is a way to just delete it on my phone without deleting it on my laptop.

    Please let me know.

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