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How to Write Great Academic Emails

By Guest

Perfect academic emails require careful email etiquette that tends to repeatedly evade some students. Introductory lectures inevitably include a weary reminder from professors to ‘mind your mail manners’.  We’re a group of aspiring professionals, and we’ve obviously made it to an institution of higher learning. So why are we failing this most basic test, every time we hit send? Continue reading >>

Microsoft Outlook for Hololens

By Lisa

Outlook for Hololens

We’ve all heard the buzz about Microsoft Hololens and its many competitors in the Augmented Reality (AR) headset market. A line-up of multinationals are involved, with AR devices in various stages of development. Everyone’s vying to create and market the most beautiful and usable AR headset: Sony, Epson, Google, Vuzix and more. But there’s one thing they’re missing: how can any self respecting, new-age workaholic fit AR into their day-to-day lives?

Continue reading >>

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