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Email Signatures – What Makes them Ugly? What Makes them Beautiful?

By Rob

Most people give little thought to their email signatures, yet it is one of the most versatile marketing tools around. When well used, it can be an effortless way to promote yourself and your business easily. Companies spend countless hours and money to build their corporate image and it is such a shame when email signatures are unprofessional, unorganised, and plain ugly.

There are no set guidelines to what an email signature should look like. The rule of thumb is to provide very basic information about who you are, what you do, and how you can be reached. Continue reading >>

Social Networks vs. Email Marketing

By Rob

As we all know, there is a new kid in town and his (or her) name is Social Media. Is social media killing email marketing? Some tips to integrate rather than eliminate…

According to a study by GetResponse – Emails containing social media sharing options such as Facebook or Twitter generated a 30% higher ClickThrough Rate (CTR) than emails without them. What is even more interesting is that emails including at least three different sharing options had a 55% higher CTR, however the study found that only 11.2% of emails currently offer three or more sharing options.
Continue reading >>

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